Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 Boots&Booties' Story


                 Every fall, we host Boots and Booties, Barbeque and Silent Auction. This is our largest fundraiser of the year, and this year was no exception. On Friday, October 19th, 2012, Clearpoint Church opened their doors to our great event. Over 200 people came to support our fight against abortion, making this year’s event the most attended Boots and Booties to date. The silent auction stood ready with sixty-two packages, making this year’s auction the most populated auction to date. Even more, every single auction sold, yet another Boots and Booties first! The registration may have been hectic, and the seating may have been askew, but that simply proves the devil’s jealousy at our God’s exalted name!

                To start the program, I shared abortion’s truths, revealing the undoctored truth behind the assumptions. It’s not a just procedure. It’s not just a political agenda. It’s not just one of three options. Abortion means subjecting one’s body to mountainous physical ramifications, including future miscarriages, infertility, and even cervical cancer. Abortion also means subjecting one’s psychological and emotional health to irreversible damage, including depression, guilt, and suicidal feelings. These are the facts of the abortion fight-not made up stories for our benefit as a pregnancy center.

                Next, our beautiful sonographer, Mikelle Challenger shared the importance of ultrasound appointments in the fight against abortion. Every Thursday she meets with the girls our client advocates deem “abortion vulnerable”. She shows the scared, confused girls exactly what their decision is: she shows them their breathing, moving, flesh and blood baby inside their womb. Mikelle explained the story of Krystal, and how the ultrasound solidified that this pregnancy was indeed her baby.

                The night ended with our director, Bobbie Zamminer, asking for financial support to help us further extend a hand to those coming into our centers. This money means warm air when the counseling rooms grow cold and typical budget things like this, but this year also introduced a new goal. Our director has a great vision for this center, a vision demanding more of her time to be focused on the community and another’s time to be focused on the center itself. Bobbie asked for an entirely new salary for an entirely new, full time position. This is a huge dream, but we serve a huge God! He Himself gave the goal to Bobbie to share, so we can most certainly trust that He Himself will provide the means to establish such a position.

                Thank you for your prayers over our event! Big things are coming to life at the Community Pregnancy Center, and we’re so thankful for such eager, loving support! Keep praying, for Friday night was just one step toward our future!