Sunday, October 23, 2011

Abortion Facts

The last client I met, who had recently had an abortion, was on her way back to the clinic because they did not get the baby completely removed during the first procedure.  I have been through the healing process of abortion with many women during my tenure in a Crisis Pregnancy Center, most of the women I have met post-abortion have had some sort of complication - many medical, most emotional and often guilt-filled.  Very few (but I must admit some) have said, "no, it was the perfect decision for me".  So why do women choose abortion?  Studies show that women have said, if someone, anyone would have simply offered to help in their time of need, they might have made a different choice.  In my experience women have often said, "If only someone had told me..." and "I wish I had know there was a place like this before my abortion."

So in a time where over 50% of Americans say they are morally opposed to abortion, and would never choose it for themselves, why do women continue to choose abortion?
What can you do to help women, teen girls, and even the guys in their time of crisis?  How can we make a difference, and save a 17 year old girl - 10 days from the abortion clinic - from sitting in my office crying, and wishing she had known how hard it would be to deal with the death of her baby?