Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The "He" Story

          Tuesday mornings at the Community Pregnancy Center in Pasadena are typically filled with appointments for our two Tuesday client advocates. We also have Spanish-speaking appointments this day for those clients who have not yet learned English. This Tuesday, however, God most certainly had other plans. One volunteer called the day before, informing us that she would be out of town. The second counselor also noted that she herself would be late, not making it in until 11 am. The appointment book, however, read very clearly. At 10 o’clock that morning, a young woman would be expecting her pregnancy test.

Our receptionist saw this appointment and prayed for help, knowing how sacred our appointments are. God hears His name and listens to the heart calling out, but our faithful, compassionate Creator also intervenes! As she finished her prayer, our phones rang. A Thursday counselor called, and, after hearing the need, drove to our facility instantly! As He always does, our King brought a specific woman to speak with a specific client on a specific day!

The counselor walked into our doors with a verse heavy on her heart: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me” (Revelation 3:20). Not knowing the reason behind the thought, she obediently wrote it down and immersed herself in each word.

“I will come in to him.”

“Dine with him.”

He with Me.”

Him? He? But we’re a pregnancy center. Our ministry is women. Our hearts are called to their broken hearts. 100% of our clients are women, so why would our Sovereign God, knowing this truth, lay such a verse on our client advocate just minutes before her appointment?

The beautiful 17 year old girl walked in our doors for her appointment, the appointment. After filling out her information, she sat quietly in the waiting room for her name to be called. Her boyfriend sat with her. Also a teenager, the young man sat tall, sharply dressed with a tie and vest. She marked on her information that she was Christian. The case seemed very simple on paper. Even looking at the couple, the case seemed as if it was going to be easy. Appearances, however, mean absolutely nothing: a lesson taught daily at this pregnancy center.

Our client advocate led the client alone into the counseling room to discuss her situation. Before every pregnancy test, we talk to the client: notice her, learn about her, and give her the freedom to unload her burden. In that conversation, after receiving permission from the young woman, our counselors always share the Gospel of Christ. We explain who He is and who they are in Him. Today our counselor did this, still thinking back on the verse God gave her. It was in this conversation that our young client revealed that yes, she was a Christian, but the possible baby’s father was not.

Her boyfriend in the waiting room was a practicing Muslim.

                The counselor decided then to bring the boyfriend into the conversation. While waiting for the pregnancy test to read, our client advocate shared again the power of Jesus Christ and the impact He can have on someone’s life. Choosing her words carefully, she graciously told this young man about the hope found in the Living Savior. He listened, visibly grasping the spoken words, and he admitted that this is exactly what he has felt stirring inside him already. He said that he’s been considering converting to the Christian faith. Our client advocate put a Bible in his hands before they left, knowing this was him.

This Muslim teenager.

This was the “him”.
This was the man in the verse!

God orchestrated the entire happenings of this morning all for the sake of this man.

The pregnancy test read negative, and they both left relieved and newly assured of who exactly Christ Jesus is. He is the Sovereign God over scared Christian girls and lost Muslim boys who both desperately need a Redeemer. God pushed through each door and tore down every wall to bring this man to our attention so that he would hear just how much his Creator loves him. God truly pursues without rest the heart unknowing of Him. Pray for this young couple as they remember the Truth they heard today. Pray for even further intervention in this young man.

Our ministry will always be directed toward the women in the midst of a pregnancy decision, but God reminded us all today to notice the man sitting in the waiting room with a soul just as scared and wandering.