Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Pro-Choice Woman's Story

The second appointment of this particular Wednesday brought a pro-choice woman into The Community Pregnancy Center. Her pregnancy test was positive. She knew it would be positive before she even called our center. By her own calculations, she figured she was more than half-way through her pregnancy. The only missing piece was timing. She needed to know how far along she was, so she could determine her eligibility for an abortion. According to Texas law, abortion at 20 weeks or after legally cannot be performed. If she proved even a few days shy of that 20 week mark, she planned on driving straight from our parking lot to an abortion clinic. The line on our test officially confirming her pregnancy solidified her choice: abortion.

                By her reasoning, she could not possibly keep this baby. That couldn’t even be a consideration in her choice. She moved to Texas from California just 3 months ago to escape a dangerous environment. Her mother refused to support her. Her father wasn’t even in the picture. The client knew a few friends in the Houston area, so she rented a room in Pasadena to start a new season in her life.

                The father of the baby wasn’t a husband or even a boyfriend. In our counseling room, the client wouldn’t even speak his name. He didn’t even know that she might be pregnant, because they weren’t speaking anymore. He was just one of the many empty male figures in her past. At just 25 years old, this woman was now in her 8th pregnancy. She suffered 2 miscarriages, bore 3 children, and chose 2 abortions. Her youngest child was just 8 months old.


8 different pregnancies with different choices, different men, and different scars.


                She didn’t have hope. She didn’t have support. The Client Advocate knew the only response was the Gospel of Christ Jesus Himself. With the client’s permission, she shared about the Son of God coming to earth to not only save us from an eternal death, but also to save us from a lost life. He chose out of free will to accept her rightful punishment from God, so that she could choose out of her free will to accept His gracious salvation from God. He conquered the fear she felt—she needed only to claim the victory. She needed only to make that choice. Jesus Christ was the answer to her searching. He was the understanding parent. He was the man who would never leave. He was the Comforter in her miscarriages, the Giver of Life in her births, and the Great Redeemer in her abortions. He was and is the ultimate, lasting, satisfying Source.

The client prayed and accepted Christ in her life!

She chose Jesus!

                Just minutes later, our ultrasound technician called her for a limited sonogram. A twirling, kicking, jumping baby appeared on the screens! The client’s calculations weren’t so far off. She was about 19 weeks into her pregnancy. She in fact was just a few days shy of that 20 week mark, but this was a different woman. She walked into our center to determine if she could still legally purchase an abortion. Just an hour later, she laid on the examination table, asking the technician to determine if her baby was a boy or a girl. She smiled. She asked questions.

-She changed her mind-

She chose LIFE for her baby!

“When the cares of my heart are many,
your consolations cheer my soul.”
Psalm 94:19