Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

What a beautiful week for spring break - sun shining, weather warm - I'm sure lots of young people are driving to Galveston!  last night, at the CPC board meeting we reviewed 2010 client stastics... 9 of our clients were under 15 - over half were under 24 years old.  They were single, scared, didn't know how they were going to tell their parents, or what they were going to do next, and these children conceived their children on a week like this, mom and dad at work, no supervision, no school, and a beautiful day to "get away"

W.A.I.T. Training provides young people with interactive classes teaching relationship skills training, innovative curriculm, and leadership development so that we can usher in a whold new era of revitalized relationships, and young people making wise choices, and in healthy relationships!